Real-Time insight into manufacturing process stability

Real-Time Analysis

Full data traceability

Full Data Traceability

3D point cloud support

Cloud Access

Predictive analytics for defect prevention

Predictive Analytics

Real-Time Data Analysis for Defect Prevention

SPCWorks enables real-time data quality control and monitoring of dimensional data and process stability for predictive defect prevention.  The intelligent data import feature automatically converts raw CMM output or automated inspection systems into a variety of visual reports for data-driven decision-making:

  • Graphical Overview – Pinpoint the exact issue for QA team 
  • Pareto Control Charts
  • Process Capability & Performance (Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk)
  • Xbar and R charts

Predictive Defect Prevention 

SPCWorks helps prevent defects at the source through the real-time monitoring and analysis of dimensional data. Dimensional variances that eventually lead to defects or rejections caused by factors such as worn tooling can be flagged early. Custom alarms and notifications automatically notify users about manufacturing variances before they lead to an actual defect. 

real-time data quality control
real-time data quality control by Unblink3D

Cloud Access for Improved Data Sharing Across Sites

SPCWorks data and reports are saved online for easy plant-wide and offsite access by various teams, on any device! Immediately view your valuable data from anywhere using SPCWorks point clouds and transform your manufacturing data into clear visual insights that are simple to understand, adopt, and share with your key stakeholders.