Top 3 Trends Influencing 3D Scanning Market Share Between 2021-2027

Unblink3D ScanXtream Weld Defect Inspection 3D Scanning Software demand

This article is related to the global 3D scanning market. Unblink3D develops and deploys industry proven automated 3D inspection software at the world’s leading OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers to reduce downstream defects. ScanXtream is designed to enhance existing 3D scanners with many built-features such as surface flatness check and other deviations from design standards. Our software is hardware agnostic and is designed to work with all leading brands of 3D vision sensors in the market.

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Key Market Trends

“The 3D scanning market is estimated to grow at a substantial rate on the back of robust demand for 3D scanning solutions in the aerospace & defense sector for the correct measurement of components and parts.”

“3D scanning software allows for the accurate formation of a 4D image based on the data collected by scanners. The software can be utilized for the scan to BIM and scan to CAD models in the architecture industry.”

“Optical scanners are witnessing rising demand as they are able to perform repeatable and highly precise 3D geometrical surface inspections and metrology-grade measurements.”

Increasing Demand for 3D Scanning Software

“The U.S. 3D laser scanning shipments will expand at a 9% growth rate till 2027 led by the favorable government initiatives in the country supporting the development of the manufacturing sector.”

“The software segment in the 3D scanning market is predicted to attain a CAGR of 11% through 2027. A powerful software that works in collaboration with the scanners is crucial for accurate data processing and analysis of the collected data from objects. The software is used to select effective algorithms for the data to develop high precision models for use in professional applications. The software enables the user to compare the data collected from an object or environment, with the expected readings to rectify designs accordingly. Software solutions also enable Scan-to-CAD implementation to create as-built 3D data from existing models that are impossible to create by hand. The software enables to easily interpret scanned data for quality inspection in industrial facilities. The increasing penetration of automation across industries will propel the industry growth.”

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