Metrology grade inspection for critical quality control


Automated Inspection for dimensional analysis

Dimensional Analysis

Automated inspection with 3D vision

3D Inspection

3D scan processing with ScanXtream

3D Visualization

ScanXtream point cloud processing

3D Visualization & Dimensional Analysis Software

ScanXtream is a point cloud processing and viewer and 3D inspection software that enables the seamless processing and analysis of data from common 3D laser scanners. With powerful functionalities such as feature extraction, template matching, and CAD model surface comparison, our 3D scanner software is the indispensable tool for modern manufacturing and quality control.

  • Feature Extraction – Analyze and validate specific dimensional features of scanned parts against design metrics
  • Fast template matching and pose estimation in 3D point clouds for robotic vision tasks
  • CAD to point-cloud dimensional analysis

Overcome Engineering & Manufacturing Challenges with ScanXtream

3D vision sensors provide X, Y, and Z-axis data to virtually represent the physical object or features. ScanXtream uses these dimensional data to help solve many engineering and manufacturing issues to ensure the part conforms to design specifications. 

  • Dimensional Analysis – verify physical object dimensions against geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T profile) or CAD models
  • Presence Inspection – check the quantity or the presence or absence of features on a target part
  • Defect Detection – easily identify and report common manufacturing defects such as burrs, bumps, scratches, or missing features
3D point cloud processing
point cloud processing NIST

NIST Certified for Metrology-Grade Accuracy

ScanXtream offers metrology-grade accuracy and results for the most demanding applications. Our NIST certification attests to the robustness of our algorithm for the measurement and reporting of common geometry types and dimensional information.

3D Scan Processing Demo Videos

3D Scan Point Cloud to Point Cloud Comparison

Comparison of two individual point clouds of the same area for deviations and other differences. 

3D Scan Point Cloud to CAD Comparison for Deviations

Comparison of 3D scanning point cloud to CAD model to check for variations.

3D Scan Point Cloud to Feature Dimensional Analysis

Performing feature extraction, measurements and dimensional analysis on a point cloud.