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Case Study – Vehicle Door Panel B-Side Inspection

Unblnik3D 3D inspection software

Our Client Our client, a large OEM parts supplier for a major Japanese car manufacturer, manufactures interior door panels, producing 1,400 parts daily across two shifts. These panels can have up to 95 small features each, including screws, clips, welds, felt strips, SK clips, and switches. Using 3D inspection software we can quickly check through […]

Case Study – Sealant Tape Inspection

Our Client Our client is a leading manufacturer of sealing, bonding and coating solutions for a wide range of uses in the construction and manufacturing industries. This project focused on the production processes for their butyl-based weather sealant tape product which is used for lap sealing between glass panels across a variety of applications. The […]

Case Study – Seat Harness Electrical Connector Inspection

electrical connector quality control

Our Client Our client, a Fortune 500 company manufactures vehicle seats for automotive OEMs around the world. A typical vehicle seat has 20+ features, including multiple electrical connector quality control connectors for seat motors, the ECUs, air bag, various other sensors, and the safety belt warning system. All these electrical connectors and sensors are installed […]

Case Study – Robotic Guidance Wheel Installation

Unblink3D robotic guidance assembly automation

The Application Our client in the automotive sector needs to improve the wheel installation processes in its factory. They were using a manual system that required four workers to pick-up and mount each tire on the rotor; two workers would work on each side of  the wheel during the installation process. As result with our […]

Case Study – Nuclear Safety

Unblnik3D 3D scanning concentricity inspection

Background To meet rising electricity demands of growing cities, existing nuclear power plants must undergo refurbishments to increase the power generation output safely and to cope with the growing power consumptions in the next half-century. Existing nuclear power plants in North America have been in continuous operations for more than two decades and will require […]

Case Study – Inline Bead Inspection Engine Cover

Unblnik3D vision adhesive beads inspection

The Application A global Tier-1 automotive supplier requires an automatic robotic system to inspect an engine cover RTV (room-temperature vulcanizing) bead for defects. Vision Adhesive Beads Inspection using Unblink3D software can handle it utilize 3D vision machine to compare and detect differences. The Challenge The RTV adhesive bead creates a seal between the engine cover […]

Case Study – EV Battery Tray

EV battery tray and weld inspection

Our Client Our client is planning to produce electric vehicle (EV) battery trays for a high-performance electric vehicle. These highly engineered components play a critical role in vehicle safety, rigidity, and weight. EV battery tray and weld inspection can be be handle via Unblnk3D software and solution. Unblink3D software products ensure any defects are identified […]

Case Study – Depalletizing and Automated Material Handling

Unblnik3D 3D Vision-Guided Robotic De-palletizing software

Our Client Our customer is a global leader in the manufacture of cutting edges, wear parts, and fabrications, and is the premier commercial heat treat services provider in North America. The company planned to improve the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process for the 3000+ cutting edges produced every day for use on road […]

Case Study – Burr Inspection

3D scanning software for quality control from Unblink3D

Our Client Our client manages a factory that produces high-precision CNC-machined parts. CNC manufacturing converts computer-aided design (CAD) files into coordinates that control the movement of the cutter machine.While this process is highly accurate and enables parts to be produced quickly and accurately, CNC cutting sometimes leaves burring along the edges, which may be sharp […]